Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Not Dead I Promise!

Whoops that was awhile between posts, didn't mean to, seems like each of the last 2 years I've hit big gaps in posts between the end of July and end of August. To tell you the truth I don't think either are correlated and haven't got a flippin clue as to why it's happened in this spot the last 2 years.  More to the point I am alive and well, still kicking in Brookline with plenty of people to train, fix and turn into beasts in the gym.

Real quick subject I wanted to hit on and that is commitment. Recently I've heard a few people wonder why they are not seeing results. At the end of their session I go back into their session history and look at how many times they came to see me as well as how many times they got in on their own. The numbers had a pretty solid correlation, the ones that look and feel better make their sessions with me ON TIME and and they get in on their own. The ones that are having issues, well not so much. The above picture has a quote we lived by on my high school rugby team, matter of fact we went so far as to call ourselves the Power Pigs when the team was first founded.

Back to the point, you can not just be half into your fitness goals. Half-assing such things simply waste time, money and effort. You have to be mentally ready to get yourself to your goals, I'm not talking about "oh man MAYBE I should drop some weight." When there is a maybe in that sentence then you probably aren't ready. Take a stab at it if you want, but don't be too shocked when you don't see results after strolling in 15 minutes late for your session once a week. Get committed, get to lifting and you will be more satisfied with the results. When you ask your trainer or coach to give you workouts for when you don't see them, DO THEM! I promise it will pay off in the end.

Sorry not a super flashy post today, just something to get the engine back up and running. Hoping to not let work, rugby and my 3 fantasy football leagues take up too much time (I think I might have a serious condition concerning fantasy football). Take care all, go out and get after it today.

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