Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Next Chapter...The BU Chapter

Well last Thursday started a new part of my life. For the rest of this summer on Thursday morning I will be scarce at the Brookline facility because I will be doing observation hours at Agganis Arena. Yeah I'm sorry if you feel like I've failed you, all you Maine grads and faithful Black Bear hockey fans. I am working with what some might call, the enemy. While I am still a fan of the alma-mater hockey program I know this is going to be a great chance for me to learn from some of best in the area.

"The Ugly" Maine fans will get it

The plan is to do some observation hours this summer and then get a little more hands on come this fall. I am very excited to work with the athletes at BU and know I can only get better. I decided to take this on this past winter after my colleague and friend Mike left Brookline to pursue other ventures. Once that happened it pretty much put me to the top of the food chain, a place I feel personally I am not ready to be at. While it is cool to be THAT person many come to you with questions and for advice about programming and technique. At this point there's no one for me to really draw from on a personal level. I had this issue before at the first facility and made the move to Brookline, this internship is the move I'm making now.

Some of you may recall I've had a chance to see this world once before, at Maine with their strength and conditioning department. That's now 3 years ago since I left that position, doesn't seem that long ago, but it was. I remember a good bit of what I learned in those months, but 3 years is plenty of time to have lot's of valuable information leave my memory. Also more recently some of you probably recall that I have stepped away from my rugby playing to have my time taken up by something important to my career, if you haven't figured it out, this is that something I spoke of.

It's amazing that in one day I already have things popping into my head with thoughts of "oh yeah I remember when we did that at in Orono" so I can't wait to see what else is rekindled along with all the new things I will learn. That's all I got today guys, go out and get after it.

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