Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Of My Biggest Pet Peaves in the Gym

I use to have a list of these in my head that was pretty consistent when I was first in school and growing up, but between the new place here in Brookline and my old facility in Hudson I think there have been a couple of new ones snaking their way into that list. Not in any particular order, they all frustrate me greatly equally.

1. NO CURLS IN THE SQUAT RACK: Ok so I lied this may take the cake out of all of them, the others are on par with one another, but this takes the cake. Listen up to you lunkheads, I have 2 reasons I almost lose my skull when I see you fools in the squat rack doing curls. First is you probably have never done a chin-up in your life, if you are curling heavy enough weight that requires a squat rack, so until you can finish a chin-up properly (sternum to bar not chin to bar) then knock it off! Second taking up a squat rack now means that someone that actually wants to do something functional has to either wait for your sorry carcas to finish or they have to go dangerously mickey mouse something to do a squat. Bottom line STOP!

2. PUT THE PHONE AWAY: Hey Hollywood put your phone away and get to work. Coming into the gym and training should be something you take seriously and should concentrate on. On your phone constantly texting, or even talking on it, (yes I saw someone doing seated rows still chatting away one day) absolutely means that you are not focused on your training. There is no way that you can possibly be working hard enough to perform a resistance exercise with enough difficulty to see gains and yammer away. End of the day, either tell the people texting you to buzz off because you are working out or don't use your phone as your music source.

3. PICK UP YOUR EQUIPMENT: Just the other day I saw someone leave a long foam roller right out in the middle of the dumbbell area here in Brookline. I almost Bruce Bannered it and snapped right there. I really shouldn't need to say much more. Leaving stuff around like that is plain and simple dangerous period...check that EXCLAMATION POINT! It is just simple courtesy and good edecate to pick up after yourself, pretty sure our parents all taught us this.

4. RACK YOUR WEIGHT: This kind of falls under the same heading as number 3, but I'm throwing it in as it's own because I can and it's my blog so there. Having to go chase down weights because someone else has pulled them to some other piece of equipment, useless or not, and did not put them back absolutely drives me wild. Whether it's during my workout or if I have to go chase them down for a client, it simply consumes time. That's time that I will not have the rest of the day, most of us that actually try to pack their schedule and make as many people as possible move and feel better, while still trying to do the rest of our normal life stuff, need all the time we can get. Like I said, remember what your parents taught you and put the freaking weights back on the rack you got it from, it will keep everyone far more sane.

5. DON'T SMASH THE DUMBBELLS: Just this A.M. I was training a client and from the other side of the PT studio room door I could hear someone doing some sort of dumbbell press and smashing them together at the top. This is not only annoying but it is a huge safety issue. When you slam the dumbbells together, especially the heavier ones, you are loosening the welds and/or the bolts that hold them together. Yes I know things like this will eventually happen but there is no reason to speed up the process, just extend the arms as far as you can without hitting them together, it is possible. It might sound cool, but won't be cool is if the freakin thing comes loose and smashes into your skull, you'll be lucky if you just end up with a brain injury or fractured skull. On that note it baffles me that when people know that the weights are coming loose they still make it a point to slam them together. I almost have half a thought to go over and let it drop on them, but then I think about the law suits and not training any more, on top of the assault/manslaughter charge that might get pinned on me, so I just take out my frustration on some cleans or deadlifts later that day.

Just try to keep these in mind the next time you go to the gym. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person/trainer that gets annoyed by these so just some food for thought.

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