Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Reason Behind It All

Everyone that has consistently read from this blog in the last month plus knows who the famous Jenn is from my Aug 15th post here.  This past weekend I was invited to attend the wedding of her and her now husband Kevin, also a former client of mine. The wedding was spectacular, the church, if you would want to call it that, absolutely blew my mind. The reception was in a huge ball room and I enjoyed the hell out of consuming a big slab of prime rib. After spending an hour with one and an hour and a half with the other every week for months, I have to say I had never seen them happier than that day.

Again some of you are probably wondering, for the 2nd time in 2 posts, what in the H-E-double hockey sticks does this have to do with training. It's simple really, sorry this will be a bit about tooting my own horn, this has to do with the major reason why other trainers and I all do what we do, or at least I hope is some driving factor. These were 2 very good people that I had the pleasure of training. They both were driven, worked hard, and even a little competitive which kicked things up a little bit. The thought I had of them both being good people was more than confirmed by their friends and family at the wedding.

Being such great people it gave me the old warm and fuzzy feeling at the wedding when everyone asked me how I met the 2 of them, told them the bit and then received many compliments on how good they look with my training's help and how much they saw the change in them beyond the physical. THAT ladies and germs is why I do what I do, yes money is nice, gotta make it to live, the perks are good with free membership to gyms and all the fun toys I get to experiment with, and meeting many great and interesting people is nice as well. At the end of the day though when my training comes back full circle with clients coming back to me or telling others how good they feel and how much happier they are with their lives, that makes all the bad shit you endure worth it. Believe me at the beginning of it all bad shit piles up, obviously internships you are the bottom of the totem pole, and the first job out of the gate you have to endure all kinds of learning curves. In the end, clients being happier and healthier with themselves and having an improved lifestyle, it's what the goal is when it comes to personal training.

To conclude it's simple in the training world, do good to your clients and good will be done in return by them in some shape or another. Congratulations of course need to go out to Kevin and Jenn for a spectacular wedding and wishing them many happy years. I can only hope I find more great clients such as these 2. Next post should be a bit more technical and more related to the actual training so keep your ears pinned to the ground for it.

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