Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No Way, That Doesn't Work?

Hello and yes I am alive, some may have thought otherwise even though it's only been maybe a couple weeks...but that's fine I'm here now. The weather is finally warm and I'm sure all of us here in the northeast dropped to our knees and sang hallelujah when they called for 60's all of this week and last weekend. I am just glad that I can now enjoy my 3-4 months of no snow for sure. We all know that there are 3 seasons in New England really, winter, celebrating winter's end and getting the hell ready for the shit to hit the fan again. I'll take option B as long as I possibly can.

Today I wanted get back on the blog track with a quick little blurb on routines and no not all of them work, there is no magic bullet and yes you need to pick up something heavier than your purse. I'm going to preface this with while I believe strength training is the best way to get yourself fit and lean like many of you want, doing something, above all else is still better than collecting bed sores on your couch.

It seems lately I've offended people by putting a big hole in their routines, I usually try to do it gently, but some people just don't quite get it through their thick skull. After that happens I usually put it on pretty thick and they are all of a sudden offended like I just kicked their dog or something. Sorry but the truth hurts sometimes guys.

Just so it's not a question, in my opinion, if you are gonna burn the hour plus at the gym that it takes you to do your workout (or at home...yikes) then why the hell don't you do something that's going to be more productive than picking up pink dumbbells, or worse P90X. Some of you know that I honestly would rather do some unmentionable things to a set of P90X discs than actually bother to put it in my DVD player. No kidding you feel more fit, you did 90 plus minutes of exercise every day for 90 days, the issues I have is A) the second you stop doing most of those exercises the benefits do too, B) you are probably going to just want to curl up in the fetal position and cry if you haven't yet because that is brutal stuff for your body, and C) what's the next progression after that 90 days??? Gotta keep going or your going to go back where you started in no time.

Heavy resistance training lasts forever, it's not an over night thing, they do call it WORKING out for a reason folks, it actually takes work. Ladies if you are wondering why the pounds are not coming off and you eat like crap and do garbage exercises like bosu squats, single leg band rows with a band that's thinner than the width of your pinky and dumbbell curls or kickbacks with pink weights, time to change.

Pick something up folks, as stupid as the guy in that commercial sounded, he got it right. Don't worry you're not going to end up looking as big of a hulk as he is. Trust me guys try to get that big and we still can't get it done that quickly. The big "lunk" was doing this shit for years and for a much longer time than you would need to get to your goals. 

Committing to a program for you ladies would most likely result in you looking closer to Hope Solo or Alex Morgan, again not over night, but in time and what's wrong with that? Being athletic is sexy, if a guy has a problem with a girl looking athletic and picking heavy shit up, either 1) he's a big ninny and is not confident in himself, or 2) he just has a different taste. There are 2 things you see in pretty much every athletic girl, a butt (which all guys love, don't kid yourself) and they're usually pretty firmed up like most of you want to be.

What's the moral of this story? Lift something heavy(er than your purse), squat to depth (and if you can't do some mobility until you can) chin-up to your sternum and eat right. Plain and simple guys, theirs no smoke screen here. Sorry just turned into a bit of a rant, but just get tired of listening to people that are astounded that they need to actually change. Change sucks but it is necessary in life and it's inevitable. Tired of seeing crappy trainers trying to play tricks on their clients to get their money also, but that's another rant for a rainy day.

Have a good day everyone, go out and get after it, Happy May Day all.

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