Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Special Needs Can Teach You

Another month long spell and I'm back for more everyone. Thanksgiving fast approaching and I am looking forward to time of with those I care about. Work has been crazy busy, but with rugby now over for the fall I have a little bit of time for myself. For once I don't have a client at the butt-crack of dawn this morning so I figured I'd get some writing in. The gym is usually pretty dead at 6 AM until we start throwing some weight around in some of our sessions, things liven up after that.

Can Think of Many That Would Agree With This

It's always baffeling the reasons clients come up with to not come in besides the days of their sessions. I get that life takes control of you and not the other way around sometimes. Just the same if you are serious about what you want don't let things get out of control for too long. A week or 2, I understand, but when it approaches 4, 5 and 6 weeks of not working out apart from 1 day, you're only screwing yourself. That said I can also think of some people and clients, that have every reason and right to say I'm not working out without anyone asking questions. I applaud them for saying taking the hand they were dealt and making the best they can of it.

I have a client that I have been training since the middle of September, he has special needs for various reasons including vision, but if you watched him while he works out, you might think otherwise. I do need to make slight modifications for him to exercises so he doesn't get hurt, but despire that I wish I had more clients like him. He comes in 2 times a week, when he's here he works his tail off, always wants the next big thing and is open to anything I throw at him. In fact he's usually upset when I tell him he's not ready for an exercise yet. Did I mention he gets stuff done on his own outside of our 2 sessions?

He brings challenges to me, but I've learned ways to over come them. He's got some kinesthetic issues, meaning he's not always aware of what muscles he SHOULD be using and what his form should look like in an exercise. He also will have days where he moves a little slow or gets a little distracted from the work out, but still he usually leaves a sweatty mess. All things considered though I enjoy our sessions every week, if nothing else he's good to talk to and get a laugh out of in the end.

With all that above said, if he can get it done and see the results he wants then there shouldn't be a damn thing stopping anyone of able body to do something. I've always said that something is better than nothing, but if you afford it get a trainer or a coach to help you, it'll be worth it in the end.

That's all I got today folks, have a good day all, go out there, drop the excuses and get after it.

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