Friday, January 3, 2014

Nope Not A Best Of

Yeah sorry to disappoint you, this is not a best of list like you've seen probably 100000000000 times from last Monday to now. Today will be a more useful list coming from me since I don't have guest writers or anything, not that cool yet. Hopefully most of you were able to get in your workouts despite the holidays and the traveling and such. I know I had a workout this week that I practically wanted to puke by the end of simply because it was such a high volume and I was feeling run down. I wanted to hit on something very briefly to start the, very snowy, new year off right.

I've compiled a list of things that will help people during this crazy time of the year. You know that time of year where everyone and their uncle wants to get fit, and then they quit 3 weeks into it. Well this is for those of you who are not just getting on the horse and will hopefully help some just getting on it not quit after 3 weeks.

1. EAT: This and number 2 are probably the 2 biggest killers to the goals everyone is working to attain. Most people with fitness goals are associating them with weight loss. Great start, gives you a launching point, something that's attainable and measurable. The issue is that nobody eats and they starve themselves to ridiculous points of craziness. Most of the time kids, it's not how much your eating, but what you are eating. You can have your little 1500 calorie meal (pretty low, but not the point), if it's strictly donuts you're still boned. Be sure you eat to have energy to get through your day and to workout.

Do yourself a favor if you are going to forgo getting a trainer or coach, maybe get in a few visits with a sports nutritionist or something to the like. When people starve themselves like they do when they set fitness goals, they get run down and tired because they have no energy, blame it on the workouts and stop going. Last I checked I get my ass up at 4:30-5 o'clock and I have more energy than most people that walk through the door here, and I lift 4 days a week. Calories make energy, calories are in food, HOLY SHIT mind blowing isn't it? Just make sure they are QUALITY calories, energy bars, energy drinks and frappe mocha lattes won't cut it.

2. MAKE THE TIME: As I said 1 and 2 on this list defeat almost all that ignore them. Folks I am not the only one that will tell you this, but in case you haven't heard it enough here it is again. You have to MAKE time at the gym, not "find" it. The ones that make going to the gym part of their schedule, do or die, are the ones that get to their goals the most often. I understand that life can get in the way sometimes, but that's just SOMETIMES. Excuses are like assholes, everyone's got one and they all.... OK I'll spare you all finishing that one. Hopefully you are all getting the point that it's a commitment and a lifestyle change. Those that haven't read my article on being a former fat kid you can either read it or just trust me when I say, I've been there and know where you are coming from.

3. AVOID THE RUSH: So everyone sans uncle will be on their way to the gym probably come 5 o'clock this Monday night and that is exactly the time not to go. I know it's probably the most convenient to many of you out there, but try to avoid this time slot between 5 and murder-o'clock, (we'll call it 8 just to be precise). Try the morning, no seriously try the morning, I know you may not be a morning person, trust me it'll get easier the more you do it. Another thought is if you are one of those lucky people that have a flexible enough schedule to get your workout in mid-day then get on it, if the your gym is anything like the one here, it'll be virtually dead.

4. COME PREPARED: Say you have 0 option but to come in at that god awful time slot at night where it's nuts to butts. This is a tip that can help you survive and thrive. Come to the gym with everything ready to go; fill your water bottle previous to getting there, take any pre-workout supplements you are taking before, and if you live close enough to not lose the effects, do soft tissue work at home if at all possible. Finally come prepared with a workout plan written out for you with all the desired exercises, sets and reps. Hoepfully you've scoped out the equipment and know the availability of each piece. My friend Mike had a good article about what to include in your gym bag so have a look at this if you are scratching your head on what to pack in it. Not everything on their is going to go in your bag, but it'll help you get the ball rolling.

This was awesome

5. JUST GET IT DONE: This pretty much says it all here ladies, get in there and get it done. I know equipment will be taken, don't get the compression shorts in a twist, just be an adult and ask them if you can work in, if it's feasible. Only one squat rack? Yeah be that person and get all the shit done that you will NEED that squat rack for before you give it up. Should someone ask to rotate in, be helpful, trust me it sucks just as much for them too. Find the right balance of being a dick and hogging it when you need to get shit done and sharing equipment that many need. Let's be real, they can deal without an ab-wheel for 10 minutes, a squat rack or a bench for 25-40 minutes, different story all together.

That's the list I got for you today. Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there, any questions, concerns, comments or offers of bacon can be sent my way. Have a good day all, go out there and get after it!

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