Monday, August 4, 2014

Last of the Mohicans

Well the last domino has fallen here in Brookline. We've had the final person that was in the same school of thought as me when I first got hired here, leave the company. When I got hired here in the first month I gravitated towards a certain group of trainers, desk staff members and a pilates instructor. This certainly gave me a good comfort zone for when I came to work every day for about a year. Let's all remember that a year is a long time to have very little turn over in a commercial gym. 

It started really, last April, the first domino fell when my friend Kristen got a job with Northeastern. Next was my friend Shayne, she got her dream job as a college softball coach. Then came my buddy Rob who got a job as a ticket price analyst (sweet job). Next was Mr.Anderson himself heading for Ohio to see about a girl. My friend Joel gets to see Giselle on a weekly basis at his new job. Next my old roommate Luis went to get himself in the real world with a "big person job" as we call it. My friend Kayley got exactly what she was looking for at a YMCA in Connecticut. The last tile finally fell last week when my friend Shelley left the company to pursue further education down in Texas. 

This has left me as the last one to carry the torch, as they say. I won't even be in this facility that much because I am, of course, interning with BU Strength and Conditioning this fall, which I really can not wait to start, no offense to my clients in Brookline. I realize I've turned on the waaambulance here but hey I'm sure most of you have dealt with this somehow before, this is my way of dealing with it.

Now I've gotten use to getting outside of my comfort zone with my training, I'm well aware it's the only way you get better. Doesn't mean I like being outside of my comfort zone when I work, DAMNIT. One of the departed did give me this piece of advice for my remaining time here; Try not to worry about what everyone else around you is doing, just continue to do your job better than everyone, grow as a professional and good things will happen for you. For now that is the plan until something comes along where I can get into either a college strength and conditioning facility or a private one (not a commercial gym).

Please everyone don't get me wrong, I was very happy when I landed here in Brookline, my commute was cut down to a fraction of what I had before. I was suddenly that much closer to Boston and I was in a much nicer facility, no offense Hudson, total upgrade overall. As I've stated before though, I am ready for a new challenge from those that are much smarter than me. I simply can't get that challenge around here though, so I've made the search elsewhere. The new crew will take some getting use to, maybe at some point we can get some of the mojo back.

That's my bit today guys, go out there and get after it!

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