Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wait Who's That Guy?

Sorry guys I've gone AWOL lately, but I really haven't had much time to myself. Here's a little insight on what's going on before we get to talking about more training type things. The internship is in full swing and it hit me like a punch in the face. My CNS was so fried from my new schedule that my own training was taking a huge hit. I love lifting heavy, but lifting heavy didn't love me for about the first 10 days in September. Monday I get up, go to the Brookline facility, amscray around noon, get to BU around 12:30, hang there for the better part of 6 hours and then odds on I'm heading back to the Brookline facility for a couple more sessions. Oh yeah and I do this on Wednesday as well. Tuesday I'm up and head straight to BU, finish around mid day there and go to Brookline for the night, rinse and repeat for Thursday as well. Friday's are way easier, Brookline, meeting at BU and DONE. Needless to say, and Catherine can confirm this, I pretty much get home and fall down at night. The things you do to get better and get ahead in the world, good news is I do enjoy being at BU a ton, and my limited schedule in Brookline almost makes it more exclusive so the clients I train are the ones I look forward to training...mostly.

How I feel when I get home lately

In the meanwhile on my hiatus I turned 28, if you didn't consider 27 late 20's, well I'm there now. No I'm not bitching that I'm old, although sometimes I like to just because I can and I have moments that make me feel so. Example; I was working with a couple teams last night and they could not name songs that were playing that I remembered from middle school, then I realized I'm getting old(er). I had thought about doing a 28 things list, but instead I'm going to limit it to a few brief things, just so I don't have my mind explode first time writing in a month and a half.

1. K.I.S.S.-So often I've heard (about) coaches adding all of these crazy exercises that can fix your pelvic tilt, realign your ankles, stop your indigestion and cure cancer all in one....yeah not today bub. I'm all for corrective work provided it doesn't eat 30 minutes of your workout and cut out more important shit, like getting stronger and faster. I try to keep it between 2-4 corrective/activation exercises before the work out, how many is dependent on the person's issues. After that I might mix in a few more if I know they are or have been struggling with certain movements.

2. Be yourself-I honestly have really tried to make sure I keep a hold of this one no matter who I'm working with or where I'm working. This really applies to the private sector of training/coaching. No matter who's name is on the building the trainee will keep coming back if they like YOU, no one else. People appreciate when you are being genuine and actually interested in their well being, they'll keep coming back because of that. To be honest if I'm training someone that doesn't want to come back I let it go because it wasn't meant to be and they wouldn't enjoy it which makes my job hell.

3. Pick appropriate exercises- Yeah I love deadlifts, squats and chin-ups just as much as the next guy, but the 92 year old guy with balance issues is going to have different priorities than the former college cheerleader or the woman that just gave birth to twins. I haven't seen it all but the commercial gym setting leaves you with a pretty good understanding because you'd be hard pressed to say you expected the guy with an intellectual disability and vision impairments to be able to drag a sled with 200 lbs on it any distance, let alone 25 yards. Yeah didn't think so, so don't assume, everyone needs to squat or that everyone needs to go easy for that matter.

That's all for today folks, go out there and get after it!

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