Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Morning People...

Yeah I wasn't one really when I first got going into this grind that is my career/job, but I've slowly become one...sort of. OK truth is it's a struggle for me until I get to either BU or Brookline, and if there's a ton of things to slow down my morning routine, I'm potentially doomed to wait for an extra 30 min for my brain to come out of slumber. Usually though when I walk through the door I can turn it on, if not at least I usually have a few minutes to do so before I need to be sharp and pay attention. I'm sure there are some of you that have had to adjust to schedules that require you to get up at the butt crack of dawn with the rest of us coaching and training folk. I've discovered a few things that have helped me make the transition from sleep to work easier. I have pretty much 0 scientific basis to back this up, but if you want you can prove me right or wrong, also I may have sniped 1 of these ideas from someone else. 

1. GO TO BED: OK this might sound like me being a jerk but seriously get your butt to bed. Going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 4:30 AM will not do you or your morning any favors. Believe me I've had to do it before. When you struggle to keep your eyes open it doesn't mean stay up for an extra hour to continue binge watching that show on Netflix.

2. Caffeine: Yeah some of us aren't super human and can't just wake up as perky as Richard flippin Simmons. I'm not saying get an extra large coffee with 10 sugars and a truck load of cream in it with caramel swirl and whip cream on top either (was that enough overkill there?). Get up and have a cup of black coffee, if you need a spoon of sugar it won't kill you and if black coffee gives you the creepy crawlies then use organic heavy whipping cream, great little addition for those going low carb as well. For those that want to eat me alive for all the chemicals that are in the big brand coffees have a read of this and give that some thought. 

I will have one of these!

3. GET UP: Yeah again another one that sounds like I'm being captain obvious, thank you very much at your service right here. Seriously though when you're alarm goes off if you hit snooze and try to sleep for another 10 minutes it will take you longer to perk up and come to. When that thing goes off start rolling, even if you end up flat on the floor face down, you'll feel better without the extra 10 minutes I promise.

4. Water: I could go a couple different directions honestly, but something as simple as the splash of water on your face will help, if you're a person that showers in the morning then you've got this step covered.

5. Silence...maybe not so much: I know many people looooove their piece and quiet the same way I looove lifting things up and putting them down, but maybe a little stimulus for the brain is good. I personally will either throw on Spotify on my phone or get my dose of Sports Center for the day when I wake up. Even if you want to turn on something as mind numbing like Teen Mom it'll probably at least get some of the CNS firing.

Hopefully some of these tricks help you get moving in the AM, and hopefully I didn't make a complete ass of myself here today. Have a good day all, go out and get after it!

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