Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nothing Special

Happy Tuesday to all of you folks. This week should endure less whining about a certain New England team that had been poo pooed on quite a bit in the court of public opinion. I'm sure New England will still find a thing or 2 to gripe about, oh well. I do have a gripe of my own to voice and my thoughts on all the crappy trainers and coaches out there.

Let's start with this simple fact, I AM NOTHING SPECIAL, at least as far as a talent or smarts stand point goes. I'm not dumb, although the knocking around of my face has probably shaken loose a few brain cells now and again. I've simply kept my nose to the grind stone and worked hard to get what I have, which isn't so bad, I have a boat load of clients that I enjoy working with and am working with one of the top Division 1 schools in the New England. Knowing what I have and knowing I didn't do anything that took something getting bit by a radioactive spider to get here. That said it makes my blood boil just a bit when I see people just put in nearly 0 effort....or no effort in some cases. Yeah I've had some great help around me, but really all it takes is some freakin effort.

I've had a couple people approach me about being a trainer or coach and say something to the effect of "Oh you just get to hang out in the gym all day." This was my initial thought when I got into this world, but I found out real quick it takes a ton of effort. While it is great that I get to hang out in athletic pants and a t-shirt for most of my day, the coaches and trainers that I know that are very good at what they do, are some of the hardest working people I've ever met. To these people that make this comment I usually try to find a short way to tell them what it takes to not just be a hobby trainer/coach. It usually comes down to saying, if you're not prepared to give mind, body and soul to make this a career and a life, then I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Final thought on this is to simply love and care. Love what you do, if you don't love this job and world, then waking up at 4-4:30 AM is going to get progressively tougher and tougher. Care about those that you are working with and those that you are training/coaching. It is very cliché but at the facility in Brookline we try to make it a tight knit group and act as a family. BU S+C is the same way and it makes my job and rolling out of bed at the crack-ass of dawn, that much easier....coffee helps too.

That's all I've got for today guys, go out there and get after it!

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