Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Done Gone Messed Up

It's amazing how a few years can change you. No one thinks about how long that actually is when you're in your 20's and how much change can occur in that period compared to say when you're in your 60's. Yeah I know I'm still a pup, or so I've been told. I've still gone to a new level of understanding that I'm not sure some people reach in this field, maybe ever. The unfortunate part of this is, I already thought I was at this high level a couple of years ago and I was quite wrong...quite. It's taken me that couple of years to understand, I mean REALLY understand that I need to push myself to be a high level, which I'm not yet, not to mention you have to stay hungry and keep that fire lit. Once you think you get it, you get yourself slapped across the face with a couple of heavy doses of reality that feel like a frying pan swung by Big Papi.

Of course there are many more mistakes to be made and learned from than just this simple assumption when you are first training. I think it is worth noting the places I screwed up and the things I've gotten wrong, both in my thoughts I've posted here and things I've said in person. Who wants to have some fun and poke at Jarrod for a second? Ok let's go

  • My first 2 posts here and here. I'm not really sure why the guy couldn't put his elbows together, but I'm pretty sure my logic was off a bit and I'm still not 1000% sold on specified corrective exercises as opposed to good movement in basic exercises.
  • This one I'm not even sure any of those video clips are good examples except for maybe the last one. My shoe game was pretty atrocious at this point too.
    • First post that had a video in the new place, umm yeah, what the hell Jarrod?
    • So people don't think I'm just going after my obvious old self, I'll nitpick this one here. The bell should probably be at chest height at it's HIGHEST, but only IF your lats are tight enough. Are the ALL CAPS points getting to you yet?
    • Finally I'll call myself out on this, I posted the last couple times about not trying to make the seminar you're attending the last one you'll ever have to. I use to do that with books and videos when I was in school and started learning about it. I use to think whatever book or video I just read/watched was how it should be done to the letter. Boy was I wrong about that, but the good news is I wised up.

    Now that you've all heard me say, I was wrong, you can have a laugh and give me a little shit when you see or talk to me next. Possibly even you think there's other things you want to be so kind to point out that I screwed up on...awesome let's talk! That's the end of it today folks hopefully I've given you something to do while you're cooped up at work on this nice Thursday. Go out there and get after it!

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