Thursday, November 8, 2012

Legs and Yes They Are Important

Well I'd say this is the pay back for the all the nice weather we are experiencing here. Had to use my car starter for the first time this morning because leather seats after sitting in below freezing temps really has a way of rudely waking you up. I'm writing this today as a wake up to some of those of a certain breed of guy that I constantly want to kick squarely in the backside. Changing your workout up is very important, but in this example, we are talking big issues and missing the boat entirely or just simply being ignorant. What I'm getting at is get legs into your workout meatheads!

Personally I would rather see someone do legs and core until they fall down than the workouts some of these chicken legged, top heavy, WWF wannabes. Reason being, I want to be able to carry around my weight easily, run faster and be more athletic as opposed to being so muscle bound that I can't even turn to wipe. Mirror muscles look great and help attract the ladies yes, but when these guys are just working upper body I see primarily presses and curls, hello neck, back and shoulder problems.

As amusing as the photo is above a trained eye will notice that our friends shoulders are rotated forward and probably developing a forward head position. I know he's looking down, probably not observing how pencil thin his legs, but even still it's more forward than ideal. No one is perfect but this guy has got issues and there are many like him out there. Even looking in the background you can see we have another poor soul headed in the wrong direction with my favorite, CURLS, sarcasm should be noted.

What's the big deal with legs? First of all you have more testosterone in your legs than you do in your upper body, males and females. In short this will lead to building up muscle a ton faster with the legs than arms and chest. Secondly if you want a huge ego boost, think about how much you can lift with your legs as opposed to your arms, ie Bench to Squat. When your bench numbers are equal to your squat, or even close, consider backing off the pressing movements and focus on getting some leg strength, your body will thank you. Thirdly, fellas ladies love checking out a guys posterior, you think I'm kidding? Ask a girl if they check it on their guy's or guys they are interested in. For a fact I know my Brother's lady did and I know mine did too shortly after we met, no legs=extended back. Finally unless you are seriously into body building I would reconsider doing splits of just upper and lower body. Make your workouts days of total body training including LEGS and core, pushing and pulling. An ideal program for you is one that is designed for your needs so if ever you have questions ask a person who's a professional, I am willing to bet you know someone. I'm also quite sure that person would be more than willing to help if they truly like their job and will do so to the best of their ability, if they don't want to then they probably are just someone you don't want to deal with anyway so looks elsewhere.

That's it for today folks, go out and get after it on this gorgeous day in New England!

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