Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yup that Time Again, RANT TIME

Yup today is the day where I lose it about something that happened when I was training a client or when I was trying to get a lift in myself. This one happens to be the ladder, on a day where I felt really good and decided you know the last time I heavy squatted was way too long ago, I actually couldn't remember the last time I did a back squat for less than 8 reps and not using a particular tempo. Way too long I'm sure most will agree.

My problem I ran into is that there is only a single power rack that I could possibly use here and if I'm doing sets of 3 or 4 I'd like to have that safety catch in a spot where I'm not going to get broken if I can't finish through that damn sticking point. The only power rack was in use by another member of that fraternal knuckleheaded group. Not sure who this guy was trying to impress by doing 95 and then doing a set of lunges and then a set of Bulgarian's. What I did like about his work out was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Sorry, back to the point, ok yes I get it that he needs the rack because it might be heavy for him and that's great that he wanted to hammer his legs, better than doing 500 curls and 200 cable flys. The thing that drove me mad was he was taking his sweet time, I'm not talking the standard 2-3 minutes or so, we're talking at least 6 for probably 5 to 6 sets. When it's clear someone is waiting for a piece of equipment, trust me I was in the most polite ways possible, and there's no way of someone working in. Working between 95 to 300+ isn't really practical, it's time to start being considerate and maybe think of the other person hanging around the lone power rack.

Sorry I am being overly critical about someone actually doing a leg workout, but I would be far less upset and less likely to go on a rant if he didn't plant his ass on a bench between sets and get on his phone! Yes this little failure was hopping on the magic text machine talking about being a bro to whatever bro he happened to want to impress that day. To top it off he dicked around for about 10 minutes until he decided to strip his bar. Everyone that's read my pet peeves understands why I am fired up. That's all I got today folks. Go out and get after it and move mo-mos like this guy out of your way.

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