Thursday, December 6, 2012

Being Thankful (Yeah Little Late)

Apologize to everyone for being on an extended hyatis from writing. Holidays and a few other things have me going in a million different directions and it's getting tough to find writing time sometimes. Recently I've been reminded of things that I should be thankful for that I have in my life and others less fortunate don't. Yeah I know it's a little late and yes it's a little sappy but Holidays do that to me sometimes and better late than never.

-My family and friends, more specifically Mom, Dad, my Brother Steve and his kids, the idiots that I call my friends and Catherine

-Having a job that I look forward to going to every day

- William Web Ellis (If there's a question mark over your head, look it up)

-Dead Lifts, Cleans and Olympic Bars that spin like ya dream

-Living in a place where I can post this blog and not face much more punishment than a bit of ridicule from those that know me

Stay tuned in next week for some more good stuff. For now have a good one and get after it today!

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