Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hope everyone is reading this and looking forward to their holidays next week. Before anyone even thinks of asking me, NO the world is not going to end tomorrow the 21st so shut it right there. The Mayans didn't believe in leap year and daylights savings so I got a huge spoiler alert, if this shit was going to happen, IT WOULD HAVE ALREADY. By some really absurd chance I am wrong about this tomorrow and the world ends tomorrow then go ahead and try to do something about it...oh wait you'll be gone with the rest of us.

Today will just be a brief blurb on kettlebells. They have become this huge ginormous craze basically since the early 2000s, thanks Pavel. I love kettlebells and incorporate them into my clients programs and progressions, the problem I have is that everyone seems to think they will instantly get in better shape, do it faster and not have to worry about hurting themselves. Wrong, huge misconception there in my humble opinion.

This craze has given us many great exercises that we probably didn't think of before our little cannon ball tools became so popular such as swings and my favorite, Turkish get-up although they were around before, again not popularized until recently. The problem I have with many of the exercises done with Kettlebells is that people seem to think that just because they are doing an exercise with them, useful or not, that their form can slip or that it's going to give them magic powers to save the universe, just because. To use a four letter word, DUMB, you can still kill your back while doing swings and goblet squats, and still royally screw up most of your body during a Turkish get-up when your form slips. Finally if you don't know how to use these things without throwing them into someone's dome, accidental or not, use the organ inside your dome and think. Ask someone that has some semblance of a clue how to use them before you injure someone, most likely yourself. Certs are nice, but most trainers worth their salt will serve you better than crushing yourself.

Have a good holiday folks, NO MORE CURLS and get after it today, if you haven't yet.

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