Thursday, January 17, 2013

Like Napoleon Divide and Conquer

Ok odd title and I'm sure some of you had your mind go right into the gutter, if not well welcome to the gutter where my brain spends plenty of time. My mind actually goes to one of the funnier movies I saw when I was a kid, one of Jim Carrey's first before he started to kind of suck, as well as Cameron Diaz's first feature, yeah I'd still do it. OK back on track here, what we are dividing is the weight bearing load between split squats. More specifically which leg to start with.

I'm going to start tinkering with this idea a bit. I'm sure there is some research out there on this (yet to find it) on whether there are more gains in one rep back squat when using the split squat as the main lift and whether or not using the non-dominant leg make a significant difference. Did you follow all that? Basically in normal people terms does starting out with your weak side pay-off more than starting with the stronger side. I know this is so riveting most of you can barely contain yourself. It's been something I've had on my brain and I figure I should stop slacking and start get this ball to start collecting some snow.

That's all I got today, have a good one and get after it today!

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