Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Double F-K

Writing this post today in hopes that I can inspire someone out there that is or even formally was in the situation I once was in. I got myself out of that hole when it eventually became a determent to my rugby performance and starting and progressing my career.

Double F-K or FFK is former fat kid, yeah no one likes to hear it but I was exactly that, the fat kid. Of course my family and friends always did their best to affirm the "you're not fat you're just a big guy" thought. All moms think their kid is beautiful, whether or not it's true. Cartman probably put it the best, but even still I knew better. The weight went up badly and down to points where it wasn't too bad. Eventually after taking a year off from rugby because of issues where my body, mostly my knees, was just going to give in on itself, I hit my low point. I was a very large guy trying to get into the fitness industry, but no one is going to take that sort of advice from a fat guy with no strength and the mobility of an M1 Abrams.

Along came UMaine's Strength and Conditioning department, probably not too highly heralded as an athletics school, except for hockey and an OK football team every so often. What they gave me was more than a start, they really have given me my career. Otherwise I was not convincing anyone of anything fitness wise. Coach Dan Nichol and the staff got me to make a commitment to myself and to the lifestyle. My weight dropped 50 lbs in a few months and I kept it off, on top of my mobility getting better, yes it was worse than before I entered into the mobility special program. Overall I'm damn glad that I got my act together because this process of getting to be a name in this industry would have more difficult 10 fold had I not.

Moral of this quick blurb today is that you do not have to be the fat kid if you don't want to be. I've been there and it sucks, I also know though that it won't happen over night. Those of you out there that think you are just going to buy a 6 pack of sessions from your trainer, skip a couple sessions, never come in outside of that 1 session a week and then never have to stick to it again, ummm rethink? Unless you are doing lypo (not wise unless you have actually reached that point) you won't see 50, 30 or even 20 lbs come off that fast, in most cases at least.

That's all today folks, more coming this week, go out there today and get after it!

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