Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cambridge S+C

Snow hit New England with a big old kick in the nuts this past weekend, if you didn't hear get out from under that rock, thus it has caused havoc with everything around here. The public transportation went in the crapper, roads are still a pretty good mess and schools only just went back into session today. My rugby team was not immune to being effected by the storm. We usually practice at the Armory in Dorchester until we get outside, but because of the blizzard the military were actually using it for it's intended purpose. This put us in a bind, we had to try to get something in because to beat the teams we are going play this spring you can't let snow force a day off. Luckily for us Cambridge Strength and Conditioning came through and gave us a whooping.

Cambridge S and C started with a couple of local "Old Boys" (basically guys that are now too beat up to keep putting their body on the line week in and week out), and if you can't tell by the picture below, I felt like I walked into Apollo Creed's "Tough Gym" in Rocky III. It was a hell of a change from the commercial gym I work at. Did it the old school way for a lot of our training too. I came into this pretty much gassed from my pre-season strength work out earlier that morning, having done squats and lunges, the second I saw squats on the white board I knew my legs were gonna be smoked.

The workout here included squats, as I said, 3x5, overhead press 3x5 and deadlifts with sets of 5 basically walking from a bar to bar set up with 135, 225, 275 and 325. Then the real fun ensued, 6 stations were set up, 3 guys in a group, 5 minutes at each station. Stations were as follows; Prowler pushes of 20 yds, trading off, Box Jumps AMRAP, only had one box so we used the concrete ledge made for the generators as 2 more spots (crazy). We busted out the tires for 2 stations, one had a station of swinging the sledge hammers, one hammer was hitting it on the side while the other was hitting it over the top, 3rd guy rested. The other tire station was one of my favorite, tire flips, each guy got 3 then switch. The final bit of fun was about a 40 yard sprint carrying a sand bag on your shoulder. None of it was a super exact science and I'm not getting into the benefits. I just gotta say for about 45 min-1 hr of work, certainly felt like I got my money's worth. So if you are in the Cambridge area and want to become a beast, Micah and his crew will get it done for you. Micah did us a huge favor because apparently he also cancelled a date to help us out, hope she isn't too pissed off bro.

That's all I got for today everyone, go out there and get after it today! Also if you ever have any suggestions please by all means let me know.


  1. So I assume that you dominated this, since you've had programming geared almost exactly like this for the past few months. Right?

  2. Yes Mike, you've got your pat on the back