Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

The weather is warming up and that only means one thing...it's time for RUGBY, I'll get into that another day though. I'm going to preface this post with the fact that I love what I do. I get into the reasons why for the most part in this article, so I won't get too far into it. Let's just sum it up with I like making people strong and seeing the look on their face when they get a new PR or do something they couldn't do before. There are downsides to this job though. The list below is in no particular order.

-You Have to Be a People Person...ALL the Time- When you are a trainer or a coach, in most scenarios, you have to be switched on and glued in 100% of the time, OK not 100% but close. Even if you are having a shite day you have to put on a freaking happy face. I'm usually in a good mood and easy to get along with so it's not an issue for me. No point in being pissed all the time, just kills everyone around you, but even I'm not immune to having a shitty day, so having to turn it on like things are all good can suck the life out of ya.

-Minor in Psychology Anyone?- Sometimes I feel like trainers and coaches should have a minor in psychology to deal with clients. Like I've said before sometimes part of my job is being a shrink and just listening to other's issues. Most days it's easy, some days I've just had enough of the pissing and moaning. Also you have to know how to get someone to do an exercise they are really not willing to do, I'm not talking about "oh do I have to?" I'm talking about little kid pouting and throwing a fit because they don't like the exercise, that's always an adventure.

-I'm Rich B...Wait No- Guess what to all you trainer wannabes out there, if you are looking to get into this and try to become a millionaire, pick a different tree to climb up. Good facilities will pay you decently and let you keep your sanity by not making you work from sun up until sun down, unless you have a great passion and want to live at your facility, like I said you need to love what you are doing. I've been on the wrong end of such things and with more expenses than I could handle, practically living at my facility (I did keep quite a few personal belongings there) and little compensation, my clients were probably lucky I really liked them and what I did.

-Grocery BILL$!- Big guys like myself, or even the average guy or gal, that are training or coaching most of the day and on their feet during said times, work up a pretty big appetite. The money I spend on food is pretty alarming to a lot of folks. I now feel the pain of what it was like for my mom to feed this bottomless pit (and sometimes 4 other growing hunks), so sorry Mom.

Sorry if this seemed a big negative, contrary to what you probably believe I'm actually having a pretty good day. Hope everyone else does, go out and get after it today!

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