Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mobility Drills New and Great

The weather is warming up, must mean my first match for Rugby is approaching, oh would you look at that I have one at the Military Academy in West Point NY this weekend, BOO YA. As if you couldn't tell I'm pretty pumped to go out and smack some people around. My friends and coworkers are all in agreement that I need to get outside and physically punish someone (legally), before I hit one of them. It's only an exhibition or what would be termed in Europe as 'friendly', nothing too friendly about going out to smash others though, especially when you open your season against your local rivals to start the season like we did last year for an exhibition.

OK back to the business for today, like the video says it's a new mobility drill that I've discovered. Thanks to my buddy Mike because he has been having me do them, I've had good success with increasing my mobility so I've passed it along to some of my clients that are mobility challenged. This video below is pretty much the first step to many in a prying deep squat. The trick is to get your quads to relax so you can sit in and hold it, if you can do such a thing without hanging on to anything and sit deeper and deeper as time progresses then do it, you'll be better for it.


-As I said before if you're quads are on fire and uber tense, you probably need to hold on to something like a strap or a gymnastics ring

-Keep the heels on the ground/don't get too toesy, no need to get knee issues, we're trying to fix problems not create them

-Start with at the very least 3 minutes, shoot for 4 or 5, I've done up to 6 and I know it's not a party and be prepared to sweat bullets, but try to relax and your hips will feel much more opened up

-This is best paired with a heavy leg day, really not a ton of point in doing a deep squat if you're gonna be working on rows and push press all day

That's it for today folks, have a good day and weekend, go out and get after it today!

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